Poem 1968-2008

For years
Before and we
Did abhor
This war
That made us all
Open our eyes
And scorn and despise
And recognize
Those who ordered
The killing and burning
Of people and fields
And children and
Napalm and hate
In 1968

Thousands of young
Men drafted
An innocuous word
As if caught in a wind
Into a war
Across the sea
The wind did blow
And the men did
Sow the bombs
And they too died
And we knew
We had to do
Something in 1968

So we all
Gathered and
Marched and talked
And walked
And said that
This war
Was not an
Isolated event but
Connected to all
The injustices
In our great
Country in 1968

And we worked
And made films
To show people
That the steeple
Did not solve
But could be used
As a tool
And we could point
To those
Who controlled
The State
And the press
And the racism
And countless other
Parts of our lives
Too great
To calculate
In 1968

And in the end
How could our
Great country
Win a war
Against people
Who could
Burrow their way
Through tunnels
And unseen
In the woods
And stay hidden
From those
In the most
Modern gear
Who burned
Their way
Through land
That was not theirs
In 1968

We had to wait
Seven more
Long years
And witness
More death
On all sides
To see the end
Of the war
We lost
It was not
Our victory
It was theirs
We celebrated
It was theirs
After 1968

And now
It’s 2008
Another war
With déjà vu
40 years to
To review
How dare we
Start that
We MUST care
Now that
The Great State
Is on a repeat run
Of 1968

Different country
Different people
An ancient land
Lots of sand
But the ‘Liberators’
Of our Great State
Are the same brand
Of men of hate
Who voted to sate
Their thirst for oil
Under the guise
And lies of those
Who advocate
More war
The same as
Those of 1968

Just maybe
If everyone was
Angry enough
To place the blame
To force them
To think again
Cease invading
And think again
It is their
Sons who die
Their sons
Who are maimed
In whose name
Have they
No Shame
Now in 2008

An endless
War for oil
War for land
War for War
Death and pain
For people there
The rewards
Are where?
Who will be
At the gate
What is it
That we learned
From 1968

Barbara Stone 2008