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Newsreel, the radical filmmakers’ group that captured the energy and imagery of sixties’ activism on film, will screen and discuss their seminal works in a 2-day seminar at Sarah Lawrence College, 202 Heimbold Film Theater, in Bronxville, NY—it opens Friday, November 14th at 8pm.

Newsreel (NR) films of 60’s activism, organizing and civil disobedience were the cinematic embodiment of voices of progressive change and social justice-–the documentaries were committed productions that were revolutionary in spirit and commitment. Interest in Newsreel’s films and the impetus for the seminar came out of the dedicated efforts of a Sarah Lawrence student organizer looking to better understand Newreel's dynamics and the organizing benefits of political filmmaking in the 60’s and now.

Newsreel‘s story and its seminal productions speak, even today, to the importance of documentary art in building and sustaining movements for radical social change.  The seminar features screenings and panel discussions of NR classics, including, "COLUMBIA REVOLT", the story of the Columbia University student takeover; "OFF THE PIG", one of the first films made about the Black Panther Party; and "PEOPLE'S WAR”, a reflection on U.S. involvement in Vietnam.

The Sarah Lawrence event opens on November 14th at 8:00pm with remarks on the history of the organization from Newsreel members Norm Fructer and Roz Payne. This will be followed by screenings of three Newsreel films, Strike City, Off the Pig, and The Young Lords.  After the screenings, there will be a discussion featuring Dhoruba Bin Wahad (activist and former Black Panther), Mickey Melendez (former member of the Young Lords Party, author of "We Took the Streets"), and Roz Payne (curator of the Newsreel film collection & Black Panther Party Video Library).

On November 15th, during the first half of the day, 10:00am to 1:00pm, seven Newsreel filmmakers will screen their films, which cover a range of social actions, from peace demonstrations, the veterans anti-war movement, the 60’s counter culture, to the Vietnamese anti-colonial movement. In the afternoon, between 2:00pm--5:00pm, the centerpiece of the 2-day event will feature the Newsreel classic, Columbia Revolt (50 min), with a panel discussion to follow, including historians, activists, and the filmmakers.

Two of Newsreel's feminist films, Up Against the Wall Miss America, the filmed disruption of the 1968 Miss America pageant, and Make Out, a short documentary perspective of a woman’s POV on making-out in a car, will be screened beginning at 5:30, Saturday. Academy Award winner and NR member Deborah Schaffer, who directed Make Out, will lead the discussion.

The lineup for the closing program, 7:30 Saturday, will be Summer '68, a film on the organizing efforts around 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago, and Finally Got The News, which documents activities of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers of Detroit. The filmmakers themselves, along with activists and historians will hold a Q&A following the screenings.

The event is free and open to the public and it’s sponsored by Sarah Lawrence College, the Office ofthe Dean of the College, the Office of Multicultural Affairs and International Students, the Office of Racial/Ethnic Diversity and Campus Engagement, the Women's History Program and the Global Studies and Visual Arts faculty groups.


Newsreel Revisited: Radical Filmmaking in the Sixties


Newsreel Films
at Sarah Lawrence College

Film Screenings and Discusions
November 14-15

7 pm- 8 pm

Welcome by Prof. Rico Speight & Adam Kaz [New SDS] and Roz and John
Introduction: History of Newsreel : Roz (and Mike, Norm, Marvin, Jane and others)

"STRIKE CITY" (28min) pre NR film and pre panther film distributed by NR with John Douglas and Tom Griffin and moderated by Prof. Komozi Woodard, History . A member of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement

8 pm -10 pm

"OFF THE PIG" (17min) - "Roz Payne, Dhoruba Bin Wahad BPP member of the Panther 21
"EL PUEBLO SE LLEVANTE" (36min) presentations by Mickey Melendez of the Young Lords, Robert Lacativa (needs confirmation), and Bev Grant (can someone find Lacativa and tell him, get this notice to him and send me his email etc)



( films showing concurrently with breakfast hour]

"NO GAME" (Pentagon - 17min) Marvin Fishman and other NR folks who were there
"GARBAGE" (10min) Rene Lichtman and NR folks who were there Allan Seigel, Roz, (who else?)
"YIPPIE!" 15 min (who worked on this besides Roz & Paul? was it distributed by NR or not?)
"ONLY THE BEGINNING" (20min) (Alan Jacobs and Eric Breitbart)

11am -1pm - presentations by NR Collective.

" AMERIKA" (33min) Allan Seigel & Jane Kramer (the high school students) other NR filmmakers filming and present at Stop the Trial in DC .
"79 SPRINGS OF HO CHI MINH" - Santigo Alvarez (20min) (Cuban film distributed by Newsreel)

LUNCH (1pm - 2pm)


"COLUMBIA REVOLT" (50min) - Moderated by Prof Priscilla Murolo, History/Women's Studies - Michael Singer introducing Lynn Phillips final editor of Columbia Revolt, New SDS member Daniel Tasripin, and other Newsreel folks who filmed, worked on editing & occupied buildings at Columbia University including Melvin Margolis, Marvin Fishman, Bill Floyd, Rene Lichtman, Danny Schaferman Roz Payne, David and Barbara Stone and others who worked on the film or were part of the take over of Columbia University . Especially, Andrea and Richard Eagan who were married during the take over in Fayerweather Building, filmed by Newsreel, and later joined Newsreel .

5 PM- 5:30 PM DINNER

5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
"UP AGAINST THE WALL MISS AMERICA" (15min) Bev Grant and others who worked on film or participated in the demonstration .
"MAKEOUT" (5min) Discussion with Deborah Shaffer (and others?)

7:30 PM- 9:30 PM SCREENING (two hours)

"SUMMER 68'" 58 min Norm Fruchter and John Douglas and other NR folks - filming The Rat, Boston Draft Resistasnce , GI Coffee House and the Chicago Democratic Convention 1968
"FINALLY GOT THE NEWS" Made by Detroit Newsreel Rene Lichtman, Deborah Shaffer, Stu Bird )